Term 1 Summer Sport

Opens Monday 5th December 2022

Closes Friday 27th January 2023

Term 2 & 3 Winter Sport

Opens Monday 5th December 2022

Closes Friday 10th February 2023 - Rugby

Closes Friday 17 February 2023 - All other winter sports 

Students/parents are  able to register through this website from the 5th December or at the Sports Office when Term 1 begins. 

Completion of this form DOES NOT automatically place you in a team or register you for a sport until payment has been made and teams selected. 

Please attend trials, pre season training (some sports i.e Rugby use preseason for team selection) or meetings for your chosen sport. Please contact the Sport Department for further information if needed.

We want to ensure that you are given every opportunity to participate in the Sport/s of your choice.  The sports department will try to place every student in a team where possible. If a student is not able to be placed in an Aotea College team, we will endevour to put students into a combined team with another college. 

Aotea College students participating in sport can expect to receive:

Shared playing time for all players at practices and at games regardless of ability and this will be balanced across the season (the exemption to this is for first teams Year 9-13: namely Senior A and Junior A after consultation with the sports office). The aim for first teams is that students get good playing/training time and development throughout the season. The exception is when a first team makes the playoffs, the coach can choose how to play the team, it is expected that the coach will discuss this with the team prior to the playoffs being played.

Sports Uniform Bond: In 2023 we have a uniform bond of $50. $45 will be returned when the sports uniform is handed back to a member of the sports department. $5 is kept for re stocking of sports uniforms. If a uniform is lost or damaged an additional charge will be added to the students account.

Payment:Once you have filled the registration form in, please make the  payment for fees & uniform bond. Payment may be made by cash or eftpos at the main school office or by internet banking to Aotea College BoT 12-3140-0255922-00 (please use Students name and name of the sport as the reference).

No student will be placed in a team and/or issued a uniform unless payment has been received.

Registration fees cover the cost of Regional association and/or CSW competition fees, replacement gear/equipment, contribution towards maintaining and supplying new college sporting strip and sports administration.  

Note: one-off tournament fees are not included as part of the registration fee.

If you do not end up participating in the sport/s you have selected then your pre-paid registration fee will be refunded to you. This only applies before the season starts. Once a student plays 2 or more games for their team no refunds will be given.

*If you wish to discuss fees please contact Lyn Hagai on 237-3166 X 415 or

Transport: Transport to and from sports competitions is the responsibility of the parent/guardian.

Aotea College teams play in the CSW competition at both junior and senior level. Weekly trainings are held in the school during the playing term with games being played at Aotea College and other schools in the Porirua and greater Wellington area (dependant on sport).